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Innovated Torque Booster for any type of power tools

ZIPP Torque Booster Features The Embodiment of TB4-4 with Impact Socket installed The patented ZIPP Torque Booster is designed to generate more output torque of any type of pulse or impact wrenches driven by AC/DC or pneumatic power. 1. Revolutionary patented design will boost up to 50% more torque* to your power torque tools. 2. […]

Average air consumption of common air tools

Average Free Air consumption of some common air tools are indicated in the table below. The air consumption is based on the commonly used working pressure of approximately 90 psi (620 kPa, 6.2 bar). Air Tool/Equipment Average Free Air Consumption (cfm) Air Bushing 20 Air Filter Cleaner 3 Air Hammer, light 4 Air Hammer, heavy 22 Air Hoist, 1000 lb […]

Bad tool performance and how to identify the problem?

Do not to use the coiled type air hose on high air consumption air tools like air impact wrenches Poor performing compressed air tools are quite common at industrial sites. The tools may lack torque, and even stall if any significant load placed on them. This lack of output could be reducing your production output […]