ZPS-471L Telescopic Pneumatic Pruning Shear

ZIW4510L 1/2 inch Impact Wrench w/2 inch extension-Rear Exhaust

Blind Rivet Installation Tool

ZT0520 5/32 inch Air Hydraulic Riveter

ZT0520 5/32 inch Air Hydraulic Riveter Features Features with the most advanced patented digital module to enable operators know the rivet tool setting capacity instantly under various air supply condition and the rivet setting cycles performed during their working period. It will also remind operators when to do service or maintenance to the tool in proper interval. [...]

USA Made Back Fill Tamper / Trench Digger

ZBT-6 Back Fill Tamper

ZBT-6 Back Fill Tamper Features This temper is designed for soil compaction, temporary filling of holes or asphalt packing. Applications range from foundation and pavement repair to the installation of power or telephone poles. Comes with standard 6″ cast iron butt. Side handle throttle Precision ground alloy cylinder Requires whip hose ( oiler optional ) Optional butts – [...]

Display Stand

ZDS-2 Display Stand

ZDS-2 Display Stand

ZBCP061200 Certified Cordless Screwdriver More Features of New Evolution One New Patented Magnetic Levitation Motor Non-Vibration Bit Holder for A More Precise and Sensitive Tightening Process High Accuracy: CMK Value >2.5 ± 10% CMK Test Report Included(Dynamic) USB Interface For Parameter Setting on Motor New PCB-Board: Diagnostic & Report DC IN Model Are Also Available

ZT2318BD 1/4 inch Air Hydraulic Blind Bolt Tool-W/Digital Module ZT2318H(D) / ZT2318B(D) come with “ONE ” nose assembly only. ZT2318HK(D) included with “FOUR ” sets of lock bolt nose assemblies & 3/16”, 1/4” blind rivet conversion kit.

ZAT712AKI 3/8 inch Air Tapping Tool

Vibration Reduced Air Saw / Roofing Cutter

ZRC-319 Reciprocating Air Roofing Cutter (Composite Housing)

ZRC-319 Reciprocating Air Roofing Cutter (Composite Housing) Vibration Reduced Pneumatic Roofing Cutter Designed to assure extreme low vibration for operator’s comfort. Portable pneumatic tool assembled with module units in clam shell composite housing. Engineering plastic made clam-shell housing designed for easy service. Universal swivel air inlet joint for the best maneuverability of the tool. Blades [...]

USA Made Chipping Hammer / Clay Digger

ZCH-04D(H) Chipping Hammer

ZCH-04D(H) Chipping Hammer “D” Type Outer Trigger Features ZCH 2, 3, and 4″ stroke chipper has a durable 4 bolt D handle and inside trigger for chipping concrete in parking garages, highway pillars and light demolition and building restoration. Machined from premium alloy steel Forged G handle Cast D handle with inside rubberized trigger High [...]

ZP322R 100° 4-1/2 inch Heavy Duty Grinder

ZAG5110AN Air Angle Grinder

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