Innovated Torque Booster for any type of power tools

ZIPP Torque Booster Features

The Embodiment of TB4-4 with Impact Socket installed

The patented ZIPP Torque Booster is designed to generate more output torque of any type of pulse or impact wrenches driven by AC/DC or pneumatic power.

1. Revolutionary patented design will boost up to 50% more torque* to your power torque tools.
2. Fits any brand power impact and non-impact torque tools and impact sockets.
3. Makes mini impact wrench a little giant to eliminate the need for a larger size tool.
4. Replaceable output drive for increased cost savings over single-piece alternatives.
5. Chrome-molybdenum steel made impact-grade Input drive for toughness.
6. Output square drive made from special alloy steel to withstand the boosted torque for peerless durability.
7. Easy set up between the tool anvil and socket.
8. Providing time-saving power as well as versatility to increase your productivity.
9. Great for removing stubborn, rusted or jammed bolt or nuts just a few blows.
10. Ideal for compensating the torque loss while tightening a soft joint.
11. Versatile applications yet handy and economic.
12. Available in 4 different output square drive sizes~3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” & 1”
13. Limits of input and output drive torque are laser etched on the Inertia Disc face for reference.
14. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
15. Custom design is acceptable upon request.
* Results may vary and depend on the type of power torque tool and impact sockets to be used.

innovated torque booster for any type of power tools innovated torque booster for any type of power tools 2

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