ZIPP GROUP has launched a new range of high power air tools for grinding applications

ZIPP GROUP has launched a new range of high power air tools for grinding applications

ZIPP GROUP has launched a new range of high power air tools for grinding applications. Master Abrasives, the UK distributor for ZIPP tools, is offering the 4 newly introduced die grinders from stock.

Andy Wright, Master Abrasives National Sales Manager, commented “the initial range of ZIPP grinders introduced to the UK was extremely popular across our customer base, from bodyshops through to heavier industrial sectors such as foundries. This is thanks to the cost-effectiveness of ZIPP Air Tools, as well as benefits such as higher performance and lower vibration than competitor’s models.”

“So far, ZIPP die grinders have been available in 0.3 Horse Power (HP) and 0.5 HP, ideal for general grinding and de-burring applications. The launch of these higher powered tools, which are 0.9 HP and 1 HP, provides the solution to the heavier duty grinding applications where additional torque is required.”

The ZDG-301 0.9 HP air die grinder is suitable for many automotive and industrial grinding, de-burring and finishing applications. The grinder can be used to clean dies, rotors, backing plates and brake pad mounts. It can also grind valve seats, dress welds and enlarge holes and is compatible with Master® shank mounted abrasive products such as mounted points and carbide burrs. By using 6mm or 3mm collets a wide range of grinding accessories can be used for a wide range applications.

The ZDG-301AL 3.5” 1HP air extension die grinder is an extended version. This new tool features an extended reach of 3.5″.

The ZDG-301L 5.5” 1HP model features a further extended reach of 5.5″ for application in hard-to-reach areas using Master Abrasives shank mounted range of abrasive products.

The ZDG-302 0.9 HP is the right angle die grinder version and again is suitable for de-burring and finishing applications. It is the ideal tool to use with abrasive quick change discs which are available in the Master® range of products.

These new models provide the highest durability in demanding applications and the increased power and torque make them the perfect choice for the more demanding grinding, de-burring and finishing applications

Master Abrasives technical sales representatives offer to demonstrate ZIPP Air Tools free of charge on request to show the capabilities of this cost-effective, high quality range. For further information on specifications of the new range of high power tools by ZIPP Group, download the product catalogue from Master Tool Services website.

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